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Roof Tile Heavy Bot

About the Product

The Roof Tile Heavy is an adjustable bracket designed to be fastened to the boarded subroof, which enables the mounting of solar panels on curved roof tiles. The parts are sold separately and are mounted together using 2x 9834 Flange Bolt M8x20 and 2x 9839 Speed Clip with the 9843 HEX Locker 8 mm. The Roof Tile Heavy is made from Magnelis.

The Solar Rail can be installed both vertically and horizontally. When installed horizontally, the bracket has a versatile equipment hole pattern for matching the clamping zone of the panel and a stop hook to temporarilysupport the Solar Rail before mounting. The recognizable MAFI hole pattern enables installations together with Roof Tile Bracket on the same roof.

Compatible products

9834, 9839, 9730, 9843

Order Information

Please use this link for regional contact information, quoting article number 912742.  

Technical Information


Ultimate load capacity:
Uplift 1500 N
Pull 1500 N
Compressing 1500 N

See data sheet for more information