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Multi Clamp

About the Product

The Multi Clamp is designed to fasten solar panels to the Solar Rail using 9843 HEX Locker 8 mm. It has a clamping zone of 50 mm to meet the requirement of some solar panel manufacturers and all parts are in black coating for optimal aesthetics. The Multi Clamp is IP-protected.

One clamp fits all, the Multi Clamp is designed to be used as both end and middle clamp and it fits all panels with a frame height of 28-45 mm. The Multi Clamp is easy to slide along the Solar Rail and it is designed to prevent any damage to cables or MC4 contacts inside.

Compatible products

9843, 91231X (1/2/8/9) Solar Rail

Order Information

Please use this link for regional contact information, quoting article number 91230.

This product is IP-protected.  

Technical Information

See data sheet for more information