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Roof Tile Bracket

About the Product

Designed to be screwed to roof battens to allow for mounting of self supported solar panels on curved roof tiles.

Profiled to follow the shape of a curved roof tile to enable mounting without having to grind on, or to displace, the tiles. The bracket has a versatile equipment hole pattern and a feature for temporary support that enables easy installation. Fixing possibility for Ø20 mm electrical routing tube is intergrated in the bracket. The bracket is made from galvanized high strength steel.

Product Options

Rail and panel clamp are soon to be released.

Order Information

Please use this link for regional contact information, quoting article number 91167.


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Technical Information


Ultimate load capacity:

Uplift 125 N
Pull 750 N
Compressing 1625 N
Lateral 125 N

See data sheet for more information