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Modular FreeStanding RoofTop Solution 3x3

About the Product

This freestanding structure delivers robust rooftop equipment-pole(s) without the need to penetrate weatherproofing layers. Adjustable ballast- carrying cross beams enable the use of different sizes of concrete paving slabs depending on availability. The pole(s) can be kept vertical even when the surface is sloping up to 4. The default pole size is 114.3 (4.5in) (Designer to confirm length and section), but you can also specify 76.1 (3in) by using the product option U-bolt 2801-1. The poles can be folded flat, facilitating both installation and maintenance.

Product Options

42071: Concrete slabs as ballast weight. Half ballast: 9 pcs, full ballast: 18 pcs. Maximum ballast weight: 504 kg (1111 lb).

91124: Additional strut for yoke arms to be attached to 76.1 mm (3") pole.

2801-1: U-bolt kit to fit 76.1 mm (3") pole.

Order Information

Please use this link for regional contact information, quoting article number 4611.


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Technical Information

Parent member

114.3 mm/ 4.5"
76.1 mm/ 3" (optional)


Maximum tilt: 4
Maximum overturning moment: 4260 Nm
(With full ballast 504 kg (1111 lb))