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Free stander Corner Mount 3x3

About the Product

Designed to support a circular parent member with 76.1 mm (3") in the corner of the platform using ballast as counter weight. Optional clamp set MAFI 91125 makes it possible to mount a circular member with 114.3 mm (4.5").
Optional kit MAFI 91110 allows a second circular member with 76.1 mm (3") to be mounted in the opposite corner. Maximum recommended length is 1500 mm (59.1").

Product Options

42071: Concrete slabs as ballast weight.
91124: Additional strut for yoke arms. Fit 76.1 mm (3")
91125: Clamp set for 114.3 mm (4.5").
91110: Kit for adding an extra circular member in opposite corner.

Order Information

Please use this link for regional contact information, quoting article number 4601.


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Technical Information

Parent member

76.1 mm
With optional kit 91125:
114.3 mm


Maximum tilt: 4
Maximum overturning moment: 4260 Nm
(With full ballast 504 kg (1111 lb))