Freestanding Solutio s /
Designed to provide mounting oportunity for antennas and other equipment onlocations where freestanding solutions are needed.  

The structure is designed to support equipment-carrying tubes using
ballast as counter weight. This provides mounting oportunity without
penetrating weatherproofing layers on rooftops. Adjustable ballast-
carrying cross beams make it possible to account for different sizes of
concrete blocks depending on availabillity. The interface between the
frame and the equipment pole is a cone-shaped folded steel sheet that
provides a three point contact even when tilting so that the pole can be
kept vertical if the surface is sloping.

Detailed design data
For use when designing sites, detailed design data for this product
can be found in the product specification link.

How to Order
For order please contact MAFI with article number: 4600
E-order number (SEG): 6000689
Contact information can be found at